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Professional - Timely - Accountability - Reasonable Cost

If you want professional Cross Stitch and Needlepoint stitching performed in a timely manner, completed by people that expect to be held accountable, and for an unbelievably reasonable cost, you have come to the right Web Site. Your Ghost will stitch the entire piece and/or complete what has been started.



Fabulous Stitchers, True Artists

Located throughout North America, the "Ghosts" truly love needlearts, and you are guaranteed to love their work. Your Ghost will perform this tedious hand stitched art with close to perfect results. And it will take more than a glance to tell the back from the front. Your Framer and/or Finisher will thank you for hiring GhostStitchers. Check out our sample photos. Since the available talents are virtually unlimited, part of our service is to match each project with the right artist. Beyond question, a well-rounded group of Stitchers (that is to say their stitching talents are well rounded). J



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What's On Time?

No one can predict exactly how long it will take to achieve your finished Cross Stitch or Needlepoint project (especially when working with artistic people). You will be given a time estimate for completion of your project. GhostStitchers record for timely completion is excellent. The results of the first 100 projects in 2012 are; 76 early, 19 within one week of the predicted date, and 5 were after the estimated completion time.



Dependable Customer Service
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Superior customer service begins during your first contact and runs throughout the process. Try a test. Send an  e-mail with a question on Cross Stitch, Needlepoint, Needlearts in general, or just say hello. Then see how long it takes to get an answer (during normal business hours Eastern Time). The picture shows Carla sitting at the e-mail computer. It's on a DSL line all day ready to receive and respond to your e-mail inquires.



Projects Closely Examined During Intake

Upon receiving your piece, staff thoroughly checks it out. The picture shows Lynda at the Exam Table. It's not just a cute name, the Exam Table is a very functional item.J Everything is inventoried. If your project has been started, a digital photo is taken, which provides a permanent record of the service needed. You will then be contacted promptly, normally same business day, with your quotation.


Cross Stitch and Needlepoint Project Exam Table

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For Your Peace of Mind

After you authorize the work, your piece is assigned to a Stitcher who is qualified to stitch your specific type of project. The project is shipped to "Your" Ghost, and a note stating the assignment has been made is sent to you. As the work progresses, you will receive periodic letters regarding the status of your project. The number of these updates varies depending upon the size of the piece, and the estimated time needed for completion. The Post Office is used for these letters, as this will provide an automatic doubled-check of your name and address information in our database. That same database will generate the mailing label used to ship your completed work of art to you. At GhostStitchers, everything from the skeins of floss to your shipping address is double-checked to insure flawless customer service.




Your project is shipped to the Ghost for stitching, and back to the Office for inspection (yes, the Exam Table again). After a Digital Photo Record is made, your work of art is shipped to you. All shipments are via the Post Office Mail service. However, at your request, arrangements for other carrier services will be made (Federal Express or UPS). The next page covers pricing information.



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